Johann Sebastian Bach
– Konstanze Eickhorst presents her new solo album

Konstanze Eickhorst has a very personal relationship with Johann Sebastian Bach. As a versatile soloist and chamber musician, esteemed professor at the Lübeck Musikhochschule and artistic director of the European Piano Competition at Bremen, she has devoted much time and attention to the works of Bach, the most famous of all the cantors at St Thomas’s Leipzig, and has done so ever since her earliest childhood.

“Johann Sebastian Bach is the alpha and omega of music, an intellectual and emotional challenge to both the player and the listener. Many paths lead to him and to a love of his music. More than any other composer, he can sustain the widest possible range of approaches to interpretation,” says Konstanze Eickhorst, who, all her life, has been so fascinated by his works that while studying them she used to lose track of time and place.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 – 1750)

Italian Concerto in F major, BWV 971 (from Clavierübung II, 1735)
Partita No. 1 in B-flat major, BWV 825 (from Clavierübung I, 1726)
Partita No. 5 in G major, BWV 829 (from Clavierübung I, 1730)
Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D minor, BWV 903 (c. 1717–1723)
GENUIN GEN 20682, Release March 6th, 2020
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»Everything is marked by highly clear and yet pliable articulation which breathes life into the music.« Classical Music Sentinel, 3/2020

Association for Private Musical Performance

For more than 20 years we have as Linos Ensemble been dealing with the materials from the »Association for Private Musical Performances« and have recorded an extensive edition, whose individual components are now available as a box – an excellent gift for the 100th anniversary of the Association, founded 1918 by Arnold Schönberg and his companions!
Capriccio 8CD-Set C7265

Do you know Arnold Krug?

cpo555030-2Today the Brahms contemporary Arnold Krug is hardly known at all as a composer – undeservedly so, as the two chamber compositions recorded here impressively demonstrate. Like Mendelssohn and Brahms, this pianist, composer, and music teacher was born in Hamburg.

The Piano Quartet first and foremost displays Krug’s strengths in the fascinating design of harmonically colorful atmospheric pictures and genre scenes.

ARNOLD KRUG (1849-1904)
Stringsextett Op. 68 · Pianoquartet Op. 16
Linos Ensemble
cpo 555 030-2

ECHO Klassik 2017

» … Once you’ve made its acquaintance I can imagine it becoming something of a personal and private pleasure; an almost secret delight in a work which, alas, seems destined to remain a concert hall rarity. With a superlative performance and excellent recording set in a perfect acoustic, this is an unexpected and rather delicious discovery which will keep its freshness and beckon with vibrant cheer each time your eyes sweep across those well-stocked CD shelves.« MusicWeb International, January 2017

At the beginning of the winter semester 2016/17 Konstanze Eickhorst took over a guest professorship at the Academy of music in Cracow.


15. European Piano Competition at Bremen

1. Prize: Elizaveta Ukrainskaia, Russia
2. Prize: Alina-Elena Bercu, Romania
3. Prize: Sergey Tanin, Russia

International Robert-Schumann-Competition Zwickau 2016


The Jury, photo © Gregor Lorenz

Left to right: Balasz Szokolay, Jozef de Beenhouwer, Pavel Egorov, Lucy Parham, Yves Henry, Konstanze Eickhorst, Boris Bloch, Peter Rösel, Klaus Hellwig

Concours Clara Haskil 2015

Concours Clara Haskil 2015 – The Jury, Photo © Celine Michel

Left to right: Antonio Moral, Konstanze Eickhorst, Christian Zacharias, Elza Kolodin, Catherine d’Argoubet, Marc Pantillon and Eric Lavanchy

Latest news from the Linos Ensemble with Konstanze Eickhorst

Whether performing Alexander Fesca, Friedrich Ernst Fesca, Julius Röntgen, Louise Farrenc or Carl Heinrich Reinecke, the playing of the members of the Linos ensemble has always been supreme – relaxed, vibrant and guided by an exclusively musical approach. Their recording(s) provide unalloyed pleasure even on repeated hearings.” ( And now the ensemble presents exquisite new discoveries and valuable enrichment, for instance in works by Friedrich Kalkbrenner, once regarded as a “musical phenomenon” and as one of the outstanding pianists of his day.
Further information: jpc

Cloister concerts in Nice
Le Festival de Cimiez, 19 July – 14 August 2014

Every year the “Festival de Cimiez”, one of the big French festivals, assembles some great international names to perform orchestral concerts, recitals and chamber music in Nice. This year the guest artists featuring in the cloister concerts included the harpists Marie-Pierre Langlamet and Emmanuel Ceysson, Jordi Savall (viola da gamba) and the pianists Mikhail Rudy and Konstanze Eickhorst. It’s a mythical place which is only opened for the festival’s open-air concerts.

from the French website:
A mythical place, only opened for the festival’s open-air concerts.
The sweetness of summer nights in Nice’s most beautiful garden.
A magical view of the lights of the city.
A true moment of peace and pure bliss.

Konstanze Eickhorst plays Schubert

One single Moment Musical lasting just a few minutes can seem like an eternity of suffering or happiness, while a sonata movement with “heavenly lengths” can fly by in next to no time. In the Lübeck pianist’s new GENUIN CD we experience both: in Konstanse Eickhorst’s interpretation the Wanderer Fantasy, six Moments Musicaux and the late C minor Sonata become existential journeys up mountains and down into valleys.

“The articulation throughout is soft, rounded and full, without a single line going out of focus; and it is well matched by the pleasantly subdued lighting, which is perfectly supported by the restrained yet effective sound engineering.” – CD tip of the week
Michael B. Weiß, 6.3.2013, Klassik heute
“An excellent recording!”
Michael Pitz-Grewenig, 22.3.2013,